Why Does Credit Repair Work 

    Thanks to the many laws that have been enacted by our government for your benefit,, It is often easier and cheaper for a creditor or bureau to remove a derogatory item than it is to fight it.  For them to successfully argue that a  debt is yours requires them to find the "original" document and original signature.  If the original document is in a warehouse in Alabama, it could get very costly and time consuming to find.  And remember, if they can't find it and verify it within 30 days, it must be removed.  Few creditors will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in man hours to find a signature to prove you owe them money that they know they will never receive anyway.

    This is the same principle that attorneys use every day to extract multi-thousand dollar settlements from companies that actually have no legal liability.  It's cheaper for a company to pay $5,000 that they know they don't owe than $50,000 to PROVE they don't owe it!  In a nutshell, that is why credit repair techniques work....  When you use the laws that congress has enacted (that we teach you), to dispute derogatory items on your file, bureaus and creditors alike often decide it is in their best interest to allow the item to be removed. 

Is This Ethical?

   It is not our place or goal to make ethical decisions for anyone.  It's the decision of the person whose family can't buy a home, or a new car, or get credit cards-- and with numerous derogatory credit items often if they can get these things-- the interest rates are so high they can't make the payments...  

   We know that bad things happen to good people.  Maybe you got injured or sick and couldn't work, or co-signed and the creditor didn't tell you that the payments weren't being made, or you were a victim of credit fraud, or maybe you just got in over your head and now your creditors and the bureaus are making you and your family pay for that mistake....

   We don't preach-- we teach.  Our goal is not to look out for the interests of the credit bureaus or creditors-- It is to provide the best information available on techniques for solving your  issues.  It's up to you to decide how to use that information.


We Want You to Have Options

    Generally, the companies that deal with credit repair offer either services or a course.  Often at exhorbitant prices that start at $800 or more!  It is truly our goal to give you the choices that fit your life style and financial situation.  We along with our service provide the complete Do-It-Yourself-Kit that teaches everything you need to know.  This is to insure that if you have future issues, you won't have to pay anyone to fix them.  Not even us!  This is the same book that over 50,000 have used to restore their credit.

    You can either purchase the kit-- or we also give you the option of taking the hassle out of the process by letting our trained professionals handle every step of the process for you.  I want to make it clear that we do nothing that you can't do for yourself.  Our professionals  use for your benefit all of the techniques that you would learn from our course.  We simply eliminate the hassle, the learning curve and guarantee it's done right the first time.

So What Will the Course or Services Really Do For You?

      We will show you exactly how to ERASE THE BAD CREDIT from your credit history, LEGALLY!  This is NOT one of those scams that promise you a so-called "New Credit File" in 30 Days. Even though, it can be done, it is illegal and can cause many more problems than it may solve.

Stay Away From "New Credit File"  SCAMS

These Credit Repair Methods We Use and Teach Are Legal and

Governed by the Federal Trade Commission

     Most people are unaware of these Credit Repair Techniques.  But that's not surprising-- the Credit Bureaus don't want you to know about them.  Because your knowledge of your rights costs them a lot of work and money... But at The Solutions Network, our goal is not to look out for the interests of Corporate America-- It's to solve the problems of the consumer.

     The Credit Bureaus are making a fortune selling your information, and the LAW says that YOU have the right to dispute anything that you feel is not absolutely 100% accurate!  Also, the Credit Bureaus must comply with your reasonable requests... and they must REMOVE EVERYTHING that you dispute successfully! 

     Our Credit Repair Course will show you Step-By-Step how to dispute the bad credit on your credit report in such a way  that most reporting agencies and creditors would rather remove the disputed item than continue to fight it. 

      We will reveal to you a very simple process of sending letters to the credit bureaus; AND these letters will practically do all of the work for you!  The letters are already prepared with examples of what needs to be said.  All you really have to do is fill in your name, address etc. and send them off!  If you can lick a stamp... YOU CAN repair your credit!  It's that easy!

     Whether you were out of work, or couldn't make a car payment on time, or were a little late on some bills.  It doesn't matter.  It makes no difference if you were evicted from your apartment, or if the bank foreclosed on your house, or even if you had to file bankruptcy!  Whatever your situation may be... It can probably be removed...

Do we guarantee Perfect Credit?  No.

    The basic tenant of The Solutions Network is absolute honesty and forthrightness with our clients and customers.  So, we will not say that we GUARANTEE that you will have perfect credit.  In many cases that will be the case, in some cases you may have an unusually stubborn creditor that will continue fight your disputes.  But that is rare and even in most cases they can be persuaded to give up when they see Letter #15 which makes a strong case for legal damages resulting from libel.--  This same letter was used to convince Citi-Bank to forgive over $10,000 in collections!  Thus allowing us to get our client's home loan approved.

    There is no magic pill to create guaranteed credit perfection.  Anyone who says otherwise-- is lying.  But the goal is not necessarily perfection but rather, improvement enough to accomplish your objectives. The question is-- will your credit be improved?  ABSOLUTELY!  Enough to get the best rate and terms on your home loan?-- ALMOST CERTAINLY. 

With your credit restored, YOU WILL have the ability to purchase that NEW CAR or NEW HOME and have all the CREDIT CARDS that you desire, as simple as signing your name.

If you have credit issues--consider what it is costing you and your family...

$20,000 Auto Purchase $150,000 Home Purchase Credit Cards

Good Credit =7% $350 payments

Bad = 20% or more $600 pmnts

Good Credit = 6.5% = $900 pmnt

Bad = 10% = $1,400

Good = 9%

Bad = 30%

Good Credit = $0 Down payment

Bad = 1/3 down, $6,500

Good Credit = $0 Down

Bad = 20%- $30,000 Down

Often with credit issues, you can't even rent a home for your family let alone purchase one. 

It doesn't matter whether you decide to order our services or to do it yourself-- But do something.  The worst decision possible is the decision to do nothing.

All Solutions Network-- real people solving real problems.  Want to talk to a real live person?  Call 916 532 9270 between 9am and 6pm Pacific Standard Time.

Why Does Credit Repair Work?

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