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My name is Bruce E Castro, founder of  What I'm about to tell you is in no way meant to bolster my ego, or even to enhance anyone's perception of me.  It is for the sole purpose of letting you know that the information that I am about to share with you is real life, workable, stuff.  As you read these pages you may sometimes think to yourself "you can't really do that!".  Rest assured that you can!  Realize this-- These no down techniques work-- and can they be utilized by anyone!   I've been in the real estate industry in one way or another since I was 18 years of age.   By the time I was 23 I had purchased about 15 houses--  Over the course of my career, I couldn't even tell you how many homes I've purchased-- all without absolutely nothing down!  Not one penny coming out of my pocket!  and in most cases, I actually had checks of anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 paid to me at the close of escrow.  And I still owned the property!  It doesn't take money, it doesn't take a good job-- and it doesn't take good credit... It simply takes the consistent utilization of proper creative financing and no money down techniques...

I  Introduction to No Down

II  No Cash Down

III  Borrow Against Asset

IV  Selling Money

Absolutely No Down

VI  Formal Assumption

VII  Subject To Assumption

VIII  Assume & Seller Carry

IX  Wrap Around

No Job & No Money

XI No Down & Cash Back

XII  Get Creative

XIII  Closing Costs

XIV  Finding Properties

XV  Apply What You Know

....As you can imagine, as young as I was when I started, I had no money or credit-- and no-- I didn't have an inheritance or rich co-signer.  All I had was knowledge that I was lucky enough to acquire by being around the right people at the right time.   How did I do it?  How is it still done?  How can you or anyone else do it?  In these next pages you will find out.

These pages contain a wealth of information on a variety investment methods; all geared towards making you money.   I'm a firm believer in financial diversification.  In other words, creating income from many directions.  It is with that in substantially, mind that AllSolutionsNetwork was created-- to help in the quest for financial independence.  Obviously, each idea will work equally well for a man or woman.  But, since it is simpler to write "he" and "him" rather than he/she or him/her, that's what I have done.  

Keep in mind that reading the chapters out of order will diminish the value of the information.  Much like looking at one corner of a Rembrandt painting can not give you a complete appreciation of the totality of the work.  So it is with this course.  Each chapter is a building block, somewhat supported by the information of the previous chapter.  For example Chapter 5 may not make much sense without an understanding of the principles of chapter 4 and so on.  By all means, peruse-- jump around, but if you want the full advantage of what is contained, at some point, read from beginning to end.

 In these pages you will find many valuable investment techniques.  Some will seem so simple that you will find it hard to believe that they will work.  Others, conversely, may seem so complex to actually be of use. So, itís important for you to understand something right now.  Every technique and method shown is absolutely both effective and workable. I have been heavily involved in the Real Estate industry since 1976 and every method I am about to show you, I have either used for myself, used it in structuring a transaction for a client or have seen it used by a contemporary.  So, be assured, these techniques are working for others and they will work for you.   

Do you need help?  Advice?  Professional Consultation-- Professional Forms and Documents to successfully structure your deal?  Click here.

Something I want you to keep in mind while studying this...  Some of the ideas included here, quite frankly, are actually in the gray areas of financial legislation and must be used ethically.  In fact, I have been advised to refrain from disclosing them, but they are included, nevertheless, for the following reasons:

 1) Although, one of the financing methods, if used improperly, would be legally frowned upon; if used for the right property, under the right circumstances, and with the right intent, it is the ideal "nothing down" method for both you and the seller.

 2) For loan qualifying purposes, you will learn how others have created their own income history to show the income needed to qualify.  Obviously, this is information that no lending institution wants you to have, but as head of, my goal isn't to look out for the interests and desires of banks... my commitment is to give you and every person who visits our site, every tool and every bit of information possible to help them make money!

Real estate financing is an art, and like any art form, you are limited only by your creativity.  There are more methods and techniques than most people would probably ever imagine; and no matter what your financial situation, there absolutely is a way for you to buy that property.

I have broken up the real estate portion of the financial guide into two various sections.  The first section assumes that you have some assets to work with; not necessarily cash, but rather, maybe you already own a home with some equity in it, or maybe in the past you sold a property and the buyer still owes you money towards your equity.  The second section assumes that you have nothing to work with except your desire to acquire real estate... No cash, No equities in properties, No notes due you, Maybe, even no job! No matter what your situation, these methods will work for you.

NOTE: In explaining these various real estate financing methods, I am condensing a tremendous amount of information into limited space.  In doing so, I may, at times, inadvertently use a term or phrase that is unfamiliar to you.  If this happens and I have not explained it fully somewhere in this section, don't hesitate to call a local real estate agent or escrow company.  I assure you, they will be more than happy to explain it to you fully; the agent because he will hope to make a sale and the escrow company because they hope you will open the escrow with them.  My goal in writing this is not to give you a complete detailed education in real estate law and phraseology.  Laws and phrases vary from state to state, but principles are universal.  Rather, my goal is to teach you the nuts and bolts concepts that you are going to need to evaluate a property, and to make the best decision as to which financing method to use.

On occasion, while giving actual examples of how a certain method was used, I may allude to a principle that although, not explained as a financing method, is nevertheless of such importance that I feel you should etch it firmly in your memory.  Any information that fits into that category will be printed in bold.  So, if something is printed in bold, pay special attention.  Next Chapter.

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