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The Fees for set up and dispute are $329 if single $389 if married  


Remember, the ultimate goal is not necessarily perfection (although, if achieved we'll take it!), it is to create enough improvement in your credit scores to allow you to get the very best rates and terms on that new home, family car, etc. 


For any stubborn creditors that have refused to remove their derogatory items, we will give you the ultimate persuasive letter, (included in your Free Kit)  which has proven to convince the largest of companies with the largest of collections to give up!


Realize, often, an improvement of only 10 points, is enough to get that car, that credit card, that new home...

(NOTE: We have improved many scores by 50 to 100 points... even 200 points in as little as 45 days!)


Again, we want to make it clear, there is no magic bullet and NO ONE can PROMISE perfect credit.  But we can promise Dramatic Improvements that will make your ability to pursue most credit dependent actions successfully.   


 If you have credit issues there are many things that you can do. 


Fix Your Credit


Pay Your Creditors


File Bankruptcy click for details


But Do Something! The worst thing you can do...  is Do Nothing!

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                If Single $329

                If Married $389

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Remember, the Solutions Network is Real People Solving Real Problems.

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