Having all this real estate knowledge is great!  But, if you can't find anything to buy, it doesn't do you any good.  So, how do you find properties?

 1) Newspapers.  Check your local paper for properties for sale then simply call the sellers.  Ask questions to find out what they need in the way of cash, why they are selling, loan balance and any other information that is pertinent.  You then analyze the facts you have acquired to determine which principles are needed to structure the transaction in a way that will achieve both the seller's and your objectives.

 2) Real estate agents.  Agents usually have the easiest access to properties, but if you tell them that you are looking for something that you can buy with nothing down, you are probably not going to get much information.  The real estate principles we have discussed are not taught in real estate school; at least, not as they pertain to buying properties with nothing down.  Consequently, the vast majority of agents do not realize that what you want to do is even possible.  What you must do is find one agent that you feel comfortable with and explain exactly what you are doing and what you need in the way of properties.  Assure him that anything he finds that will fit your criteria, you will buy from him.  That way he knows that he will get paid his commission, by the seller, and you know that you will have someone out there searching for your "no down" properties.  Next Chapter



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