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Take the guesswork out of your next real estate transaction.  Are you looking to buy with nothing down?  Is your credit situation such that you need to buy via a lease option?  But you’ve heard the horror stories of how they don’t work for the buyer?  Want to sell a difficult to sell home and feel that in order to maximize your price you need to structure a creative transaction?  Want to sell via Lease Option?

 Whatever you are trying to accomplish with your real estate transactionif you need creativity, you need this package!  All the forms and documents that you need, plus, if you want, you have available one full hour of expert consultation with one of our All Solutions Network  approved professional investors-- These are people with track records of success in the industry and who are completely conversant with principles taught in the No Down section of this web site.

 Your package includes the forms and contracts that you need for a straight purchase, “subject to” assumption, formal assumption, wrap around mortgage and yes, even a lease option that is structured so as to give maximum legal protection to both buyer and seller.  These forms are created to give you the flexibility necessary to structure almost any deal. 

 This package of documents has been created so as to make the structuring of your contract the essence of simplicity.  Just fill in the blanks using the pre-calculated formulas that have been created utilizing the liberal lending criteria of institutions throughout the country.  And, YES—these principles and documents are valid and usable in all 50 states.

 And if that’s not simple enough—call us.  That’s what we're here for.  Have a question?  Don’t know how to structure it?  Give us the pertinent facts and we will give you workable, viable options that will allow you to buy or sell at the best possible price and terms.

 Order your All Solutions Network Real Estate Success package now.  If you’ve read our no down materials, you already have the very same knowledge that others have paid hundreds and even thousands for-- and then utilized to  make real estate fortunes-- without taking a penny out of their pockets!  Information that others have used to guarantee comfort and security in their golden years.   Right now, at this very moment, you have all of this knowledge at your fingertips.  It’s free! — Now all you need are the right tools, a professional support system and the desire to make a positive change in your life. 

 We provide the tools and the support.  We will answer any question and help you structure any deal. The rest is up to you.

Send check or money order for only $35 for forms and consultation service.

If forms only-- send $14.  Consultation services can be added at anytime for $29 per hour.


             We will ship your Real Estate Package with 24 business hours of receipt.  Your consultation service is available the moment you receive your package.  

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