There is an old saying, "Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees".  When it comes to making money, many people are in precisely that situation.   Opportunities abound!  With our system of capitalism and free enterprise, there are opportunities that surround almost every aspect of our lives.  The problem is, most of us are too close to the trees.   When our lives are such that we have to focus totally on paying the rent-- it is hard to look up and recognize the opportunities are around us.  They're always there, but so often, we fail to see them because we don't have the time to stand back and look for them.  There are many ways that you can make money from you home with no investment, right now.

"The Perfect Business"  Make Money While You Sleep!  


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Right now, today we live in the age of the internet.  The day of instant communication.  In the history of humanity there has never been anything like it!  Not only is communication instantaneous, it is free.  This makes for incredible opportunities-- unlike anything that has ever before existed-- Imagine a company that started in 1996 with Zero customers-- now has over 40 million!  That is the power of the internet!  Internet commerce if handled properly can grow with incredible speed and generate incredible income.

    We've all have heard the news, companies going under at a record pace.  But realize, that they are making money, huge money, the problem lies in the fact that in the euphoria of the internet revolution, so many of them failed to remember that there are always limits to the overhead that any company can realistically absorb.  The ones that go under, do so, not because of lack of income, but rather, because of bloated expenses.  The most successful companies in the world are still the internet companies-- the ones who played it smart.  Those that concentrated on intelligent marketing methods and systems that did not involve creating huge debt.  

    Due to the nature of The Solutions Network, I virtually live on the internet.  I see and examine, so called money making businesses and opportunities everyday.  Some are good, some are bad, some are absolutely phony and some are Ingenius.  Following are a couple of businesses that I truly believe offer some of the greatest opportunity without risk that I've seen.   And realize, none of these are businesses where the CEO is trying to reach into your pocket for your moneyThese are FREE.  All they desire is people who have a desire to financially grow, expand, and mutually profit.  You really can make more money without risk.  Each of these businesses can be started with for free-- No investment, No monthly fees, and because they are founded on intelligent internet techniques, each is realistically capable of earning you a six figure income or more.   

    Let's face it.  Many people are skeptical about opportunities that seem "to good to be true".   I don't blame them.  Realistically, even three years ago, the income projections you are going to see would have been "pie in the sky" hype to separate you from your wallet.  But this is the age of the internet.  We live in an age where past rules no longer apply.  You don't need investment, often you don't even have to work AT ALL!-- sophisticated computer programs automate almost everything!  Amazingly enough, in today's age, you can make more money, while doing virtually no work!  Do yourself and your family a favor and investigate the opportunities that this incredible age has to offer...

    NOTE:  These first two businesses can be operated successfully by absolutely anyone.  Via the internet and each will provide for you your own website.  With no investment or monthly fees.  Those that follow these first two, are ideas to utilize special talents that you may have.  Take a few moments to look at what I believe are some outstanding opportunities.  If they look like something that might work for you great.  If not, at least, you've had an opportunity to see the trees! 

"The Perfect Business"  Make Money While You Sleep!  

       Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own the "Perfect Business"?  A business that required-- No Investment.  No Start Up Fees.  No Monthly Fees?    Absolutely Free!  A business so expansive and diverse that, like our largest corporations, you make money from everything!  You make money from home loans, car loans, make money from car sales, make money from real estate sales, you earn money from every corner of our economy---


        Imagine!   A Home is SOLD in Chicago you  make money. A Home Sale is made in NY, you make money.  A Home LOAN is funded in Oregon, you make money.   A car is REPAIRED in Michigan, you make money.  A Car Sale is made in Nevada, you make money.  A house is REFINANCED in Florida, you make money.  Family support is MODIFIED in California, you make money.   TAXES are prepared in Wyoming, you make money.  A STEREO is bought in Alabama, you make money.  Insurance is sold in Texas, you make money.  Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements are purchased nationwide you make money.  And one of the Perks of this "Perfect Business", is that you have the opportunity to buy everything within the system at wholesale.   Everything from the highest quality nutritional and personal care products to Watches, Stereos, Jewelry, Fine China, etc...


      This Perfect Business does exist and it's available to you, right now!  This unique and exciting venture gives you all of this.  Even more!-- you have a combination of marketing methods and strategies that utilize the operative, fundamental principles of the fastest growing company in the history of commerce.  Plus, we've built on those proven ideas and principles and added many additional aspects to make this opportunity even more exciting and valuable to you--- we provide more services, more wholesale products, more savings, more tax benefits, and we give you a myriad of simple but incredibly effective methods for you to make big money fast working with us. So effective, in fact, that you actually make money in your sleep! You are taught, not only, how to start making money right now, today, but how, within 2 months from today, you will be earning from $5,000 to $10,000 per month, Every Month!  


      Remember-- No Start Up Fees No Monthly Investment, No Selling, No Stocking Merchandise, No Office Rental-- We give you everything you need-- including  YOUR OWN WEBSITE!-- set up and maintained for you At No Cost---  You get all of this, and more!  All with No Investment-- Absolutely Free! 

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Are You Taking the Fullest Advantage of Your Talents and Abilities?  Try These...

Make more money from WEB DESIGN

    We live in the day of the computer and the net.  Almost every business in operation will soon be looking for a "Web Presence".  For the person who has the time and enjoys the creative aspects of working the computer, this spells great opportunity.  Those people who are combining their computer expertise with their creative inspiration are now, and  will continue to be greatly rewarded.  Is this something you can do? 


    While most large network radio programs are copyrighted, the programs of many small, local radio stations are not.  This has enabled one bedridden Ohio man to make sizeable profits from recording people's voices appearing on several stations in his area.

    He records program guests' voices on a cassette.  He writes to them, offering the recording of their voices on the broadcast, and rarely fails to make a sale.  One program, featuring school children was unusually profitable; he was able to contact and make sales to each of their parents. 

    Do you have a video camera?  If so, with a little thought, you can find many ways to make it pay off.

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     Do you have a strong background in car sales?  Negotiation?  A California man who became tired of the stress and hours working at the car lot now earns over $70,000 per year, working his own hours, by appointment only for providing his car sales and negotiation skills.

    He meets the buyers at the lot, is paid, up front and is told ahead of time what their objectives are.  He handles all the negotiations and saves the buyers thousands by utilizing his specialized knowledge of the car buying process.  He saves the buyers time and stress-- and, of course, he is doing pretty well for himself

          This is a burgeoning field with a huge untapped demand.  If you have the background or experience, this may be for you.


    A woman in Michigan called on stores in her city and detailed a proposition whereby they would insert a large sign in their windows announcing "We do work processing", the storekeepers were allowed to retain 20% as commission on all work obtained.

    Signing up merchants was fairly easy since they would obtain a return with little more effort than taking orders.  Furthermore, it was a convenience for their customers which would cause them to have the store in mind.  Actually, each store becomes a typing agency.

    Amazingly, even in today's computer literate society, many college students still can't type!  Most papers are required to type written.  This is an opportunity for additional income.



    While glancing through a newspaper's classified section, a man noted the items in the "For Sale" column.  When he looked through the "Wanted to Buy" columns, there were six of the very items offered for sale in the other column!

    He telephoned the "For Sale" advertisers, informing them that he was an agent (this was true he had just become one) and that he would find a purchaser for their item for a commission.  This effort resulted in 3 sales... and he knew he had stumbled onto something.

    He obtained several newspapers and began working this plan on its columns.  As he arranged an increasing number of sales he became convinced of one thing, a factor which accounted for many of his sales buyers were waiting for sellers to contact them... sellers were waiting for buyers to contact them... but they tend to be somewhat listless when it comes to looking each other up!


 Make Money from CADDIE'S CAMERA

    Knowing how much golfers want to improve their games, Jimmy, a caddie, takes videos of golfers' swings at the ball, using an inexpensive video camera.  Golfers buy the video in order to study and perfect their game.

    An Illinois man photographs not just golfers, but all sorts of sports enthusiasts.  He concentrates on swimming and diving classes mostly, but says opportunities are just as good at "YMCA"s, at riding academies, tennis courts, bowling alleys, etc.  He advises making a sample showing it to coaches and sports enthusiasts.


 Make More Money as a GOLF BALL DIVER

    This Wisconsin college senior uses his hobby to make money.  He goes diving for golf balls.  Depending on the depth, he either snorkels or uses SCUBA gear.  Lakes and ponds near golf courses contain probably thousands of golf fact he manages to recover 25,000 during a summer and sells them for about half the price of new balls.  He has collected up to 2,000 balls from one pond in one day!


 Make Money from SAUCY SAYINGS

    A Maine man started turning out small rustic type wood plaques with new and old gags and saucy sayings...He found their sale unrestricted at $10 to $15 each.  He began turning them out in quantity at home, using the silk screen method.  Through retail chains and mail order, they sell by the many thousands. He takes in over $200,000 per year!



     Can you visualize an organization of baby sitters?  Well, that's what one Baltimore woman established and now has hundreds on her lists.  She takes a 20% commission on sitters' earnings.

     Sitters' rates double for holidays.  For an extra charge parents' names are put on a special list which gives them preference at busy times.  If the sitter runs into any difficulty, she calls the home of "The Baby Sitter Tycoon" (as she has been called) and receives advice.


Make money from PAY ENVELOPE ADS

     A merchant furnishes factories with pay envelopes free... provided they allow him to print his own ads on them.  Ads are changed weekly... and usually in the nature of special offers, such as "Present this envelope and get a 5% discount on any purchase made within 3 days of date".  Employees, of course, see his store name just before getting "money in their hands".  According to the information at hand, his advertising has a phenomenal effect... he claims some 90% of the employees eventually come to his store, because of the envelope ads!  



      Jokingly calling his enterprise "Risks, Unincorporated", a young man who just turned twenty one got an odd idea for making money.  Through advertisements, he let it be known that he'd do anything people didn't like to do themselves.  His small classified newspaper ad brought results; ten days after it appeared, he had more than fifty people contact him.

      A number of jobs involved some danger, but they were in the minority.  If there was risk, it would draw a much higher fee.  He'd get assignments to hunt down lost dogs, speed someone to a hospital; in one case a car owner wanted to sleep in a moving car at night, and this lad drove the car all night.  In another he returned an engagement ring to a jilted lover.


 Make Money from BEACH GIRL PHOTOS

     A college student makes $200 weekly taking pictures at a beach.  He uses a Polaroid camera which gives a finished print in a minute.  He charges $5 dollars which he says most guys are willing to part with for a bathing suit picture of their favorite girls.  Besides, who's going to turn down a picture of his girl in a bathing suit while she's standing right there?



     Are you mechanically inclined?  Do you know your way around an engine?  If so, you have a prime opportunity to earn a substantial income.  Let's face it, everyone at one time or another has car problems. And, most people are unwilling or just unable to do the work themselves.  If they can't do it themselves they go to the shop and pay, often, $60 or more per hour for the repair job.

     Why not place a small ad in your local paper stating that you do most car repairs, i.e. tune-ups, carburetor repair, etc. and that you'll do it for a reasonable price and that you will do it at their home or office?  By working out of your home, you will have little overhead, other than your ad, and you can afford to undercut normal shop rates by charging only $35 an hour.  In addition to saving your customers money you will save them time-- and there is no reason that your business couldn't really boom.

      If it does boom, why not hire a mechanic or two, pay them $25 an hour and take a $10 an hour commission as the agent?  A gentleman in California has done just that and is now netting over $100,000 per year!


 We've presented a few business ideas on a variety of enterprises.  Maybe, you have seen something that made you say to yourself, "I can do that!".  If not, it doesn't matter.  What is important is that if your life and finances are not exactly as you would like-- there are alternatives.  There really are options... just take the time to step back and "look at the forest". 

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