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3. What is your Spouse's full legal name?

4. Names of any and all Children Born or Adopted

5. Names, Genders and Birthdate of all Living children.

6. Grandchildren, if any.

7. Please provide the name and address of your Personal Representative (Executor) who will carry out the instructions contained within your will:







8. Please provide the name and address of an Alternate Representative who will execute

your will if the Personal Representative is unwilling or unable to serve in that capacity:






9. If you have minor child(ren), and wish to appoint a legal guardian for them, please

provide the name of a person and an alternate person who is to be appointed the

guardian of the minor child(ren)


Alternate Guardian:

       In the even of a legal dispute, briefly describe why these Guardians are 

appropriate for the responsibility.

10. What are the full legal names of the minor child(ren):

11. Please list in detail in what manner your estate will be distributed, examples including

but not limited to the following: (any real property, personal property, insurance

policies, bank account proceeds, retirement/pension funds, (with account Numbers), vehicles, etc...), and the full name of the person(s) who will be receiving said property plus, their relationship to you:

12. In the event a particular beneficiary does not survive you-- to whom should that person's share go?  i.e  John smith's portion goes to his sister Jane Smith.


13. In your will are there any debts that you want to have cancelled so that your heirs can not pursue them?  If so, who is the debtor and the nature of the debt that is to be forgiven.


14. Do you want to designate specific assets from which your debts and expenses will be paid? If so, designate the assets to be used to pay said debts.


15. How do you prefer to handle the issue of death taxes-- if relevant?-- Due to changes in tax law most people do not owe these sorts of taxes.

   Pay them from all property They will be paid proportionally from each asset.


   Use specified assets-- What assets do you want used to pay any federal and state death taxes? Enter a precise description of each one in the order you want them used.. i.e. Use all money in abc savings account: then sell my stocks in GBC Corp, etc... 



   Don't Specify If you don't specify how your taxes will be paid, they will be paid according to your state's law.


That's it! You're Done.

From the information that you have provided, we will draft within 48 - 72 business hours your will according to your wishes and mail to you in PDF format immediately upon completion.  

Occasionally, in the course of events, the answers given to the above form create ambiguities.  If this occurs in the processing of your will, you will be immediately Emailed for any needed clarification and/or direction.

Remember, at the All Solutions Network, we are real people solving real problems.  If you have any questions the answer is always as close as your phone 916 532-3795 or your email.

Fees for Will Preparation

Single Will $   89 
Reciprocal Wills (one for you and one for spouse) $ 149
Modifications of Wills we have previously prepared $   45

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