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The RICHARD'S GROUP, is part of a growing association of Investors and Dispute Resolution Professionals, dedicated to the concept that a vast majority of disputes, are better solved by Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration, than by the Judicial System and its Lawyers. This includes: lawsuits, debts, collections, or ANY other damages. 


Every business must resolve disputes, whether collection issues, work or product quality, financing, or otherwise.  The legal system is another part of the government of, by, and for the Lawyers.....go to the lawyers.  Mediation and Dispute Resolution eliminates huge costs, time and allows someone to prevail-- other than the attorney. 

The costs of pursuing legal remedies are daunting.  They include attorneys fees, court costs, filing fees, interest, research costs, and labor costs. To say nothing of the ridiculous time frame between the filing of the action and the resolution of the litigation.   And, as so many litigants have discovered-- even if a judgment is won-- will the plaintiff recover?

In the past, our clientele has been procured  by approaching businesses which have recently filed lawsuits.  Even after the initial cost of filing, we can save substantial time and money by mediating a settlement (not just a judgment).  Now that the Internet allows YOU to find US.   Let us help you save time, stress, and realize more money.

If you've alredy prevailed in court, but have yet to receive your money-- We can help... 



Have you won your case but NOT been PAID? 

Don't risk or spend any more time and money on Attorneys for your case, THE RICHARDS GROUP will assume all costs, risks, and trouble of collecting your judgment. 


Our services go beyond other judicial collection agencies by Negotiating and Mediating if needed to settle the cases that others are unable to collect for you.

Remember, it cost you nothing if we don't collect, CALL/(MAIL/Email  Now!!


Are you currently receiving payments from a mortgage note or trust deed as a result of selling real estate?  If so, you can GET CASH NOW.   Our investor's group can purchase all or part of that note.  Depending on your situation and financial needs, We can buy only a portion of your note, Lend, using your note as security or if you prefer, we can purchase the entire note and relieve you of all future responsibility for the property.

Call The Richard's Group now so we can get you the cash you need fast, and on terms that suit you best!!

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