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STOP!! Wage Garnishments, Evictions, Eliminate Liens  and Judgments, Get Back Support, etc.  Handle all this and more with Low Cost, Professional Paralegal services.




Support Modifications

Wills and Trusts

Mediation Resolution


We can also assist in all of the following issues...  Evictions, Spousal Support,  Wage assignments,  Past Support,  Guardianship, Contempt,  Emancipation, Visitation, Real Estate Sales, Loans, Refinance, Mediation of disputes and more!


Are you or one of your friends one of the thousands of people who need access to our court system but feel as if they are being shut out by high priced lawyers?  Exorbitant legal fees are no longer a barrier to handling court related issues.  With Professional Paralegal Services, most  issues can be handled professionally, quickly, and yes, even affordably.

     Do you need to file Bankruptcy to stop wage garnishments, stop collection of loans and get creditors off your back, or just get a new financial start?

     Do you need assistance on your divorce, taxes, back taxes, or do you have custody or child support issues to be resolved?-- Or maybe what is needed is simply an experienced mediator to assist in negotiations to avoid costly litigation.

    All of these issues and more can be resolved by trained Professionals with Law Doctorates.  All issues will be handled quickly, correctly, and inexpensively--all work is available for attorney review.

Don't let the high cost of lawyers deny you

access to your legal system.

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