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The Perfect Realtor

What is the  Perfect Realtor??

It's the Realtor that cares about your needs-- is always honest enough to tell you the truth good or bad-- and always has time for you.  When you use any real estate agent referred by The Solutions Network, you are GUARANTEED all of the above.  Because if our Realtors don't treat YOU our valued customers like Royalty-- they are taken off our list of approved realtors and that costs them a huge amount of business.  

Do you want to be treated like Royalty??  Let us find an approved realtor in your area!...

The Inventory of properties available through our Network of Realtors is unequaled.  If we can't find it.  It Doesn't Exist!  

Give us an idea of what you want-- and let us go to work for YOU!

Bedrooms  Baths  Square Footage 

1 or 2 Story? y/n    Fireplace? y/n 

Living Room and Family Room? y/n     Preferred State

Preferred City or Area    Preferred ZIP

Expected Price     Expected Payment

Down Payment Range Available for Your Perfect Home?

    Other Details we should know--


First Name    Last Name

Current City    Current State

Do you currently own or rent?      Own   Rent

Home Phone  Business Phone


   Thank you-- One of our Approved Realtors will be contacting you to find that perfect home or investment within 24 to 48 hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to Call me, 

Bruce E. Castro at (916) 532-3795

Whatever your need--our Realtors will find the right home; in the right area and will always negotiate the very best price and terms for you.

See HUD and VA Repos!


Instead of a good deal, why not make a GREAT deal?  Historically, the best investments come from the purchase of Repossessions and Foreclosures and WE HAVE THEM!

Why Rent?

   With the newest financing programs, you can purchase almost any home with a total down payment, including closing costs of less than 1% of the purchase price!  In many cases ABSOLUTELY NOTHING DOWN!  AND-- because interest  rates are so low,  your  principle and interest payment on a $150,000 home can be less than $1,000 per month!  So, Why Rent???  

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