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You're dealing with enough-- let us deal with the details.  Our trained Professional Paralegals prepare your paperwork; we file them with the appropriate Court; serve your spouse by mail and file the final documents based on the information you provide.


And if at anytime you have problems, issues, or questions-- we are always as close as your phone or computer.  You can always call our direct line (916) 532 0010 (Imagine! You can actually talk to a real human being!) or Write to the Forum bruce3102 at  



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  Summary Dissolution.  Married less than five years.  No children, virtually No property.  $200
  Uncontested Divorce.  No minor children, No property. $200
  Uncontested divorce.  Minor children, No property. $250
  Uncontested divorce with property, No minor children. $300
  Uncontested divorce with property, minor children $350
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Is your situation of an emergency nature so that you are unable to pay?  If so, Write to the Forum bruce3102 at, and detail your circumstances.  If you qualify, we will subsidize all or part of your fees.  


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